Top 10 Celebrity Beauty Secrets In India

celebrity beauty secrets

Everyone strives to have skin that looks as flawless as those seen on the big screen. But often forget to take into account that being in front of the camera for prolonged hours with many layers of makeup and blasting lights, can be quite tiring for the skin. To ensure their skin barrier is nourished and protected, actors have a set skincare routine that they follow religiously.

1.    Anushka Sharma’s Banana Mask

Anushka Sharma is a famous Bollywood actress with flawless skin. In an interview, she described her skincare routine, which included applying a banana mask. The presence of antioxidants and vitamins in bananas has the potential to nourish and safeguard the skin from damage. Her Bollywood beauty secrets include using leftover fruits as a fruit mask. For younger-looking skin, you could whip up a banana and add 1 tablespoon of yogurt to it. Use it as a mask, and wash it off after a while. Furthermore, you can also order these masks online.

2.    Priyanka Chopra Ubtan Mask

The beauty secret of former Miss World India Priyanka Chopra comes from her kitchen. Desi girls love to apply ubtan, which is made from home-based ingredients like gram flour, yoghurt, lemon, whole milk, sandalwood powder, and turmeric. They are dumped into a bowl and mixed together to form a medium-consistent paste. This eliminates tan, dead skin cells, and makes the skin radiant. The actress believes that home-made ubtan masks have several skin-friendly properties. Healthy and beautiful skin is always in style. Make an effort to establish a healthy skin care regimen with WOW skin care products. Additionally, by using WOW Coupon Codes you can avail good discounts on your beauty products.

3.    Kriti Sanon Hydration Drink

Hydration is a key component of the Kriti Sanon beauty secret, which you may be able to implement easily. Indeed, it is sufficient to follow her example and consume sufficient water throughout the day. In addition to keeping your body internally hydrated, water helps to remove toxins. Kriti enjoys adding freshly squeezed vegetable juices to the mixture to help speed up the flushing-out process. She loves sipping these cleansing green beverages. A modest amount of detoxification can prove to be beneficial when one is constantly confronted with the challenges of grime, dust, and pollution.

4.    Alia Bhatt’s Multivitamins

Alia Bhatt is known for her skincare routine. Raazi girls have beautiful and glowing skin, but the secret behind this is staying hydrated and intake of multivitamins like vitamins A, C, and E. The biggest mantra of her glowy face is that she prefers a proportionate ratio of vitamins, and keeps her diet simple. This Bollywood actress’ skincare routine consists of the proper use of vitamins.

5.    Sonakshi Sinha’s Aloe Treatment

Sonakshi Sinha is a fan of her mother’s age-old beauty ritual, which involves the use of fresh Aloe Vera on spots, pimples, scars, etc. The skin care products used by Bollywood actresses can cost thousands of dollars. However, this claim has often been refuted by her, as she loves DIY hacks made with aloe vera pulp. Aloe vera has moisturising properties that are beneficial for skin inflammation and healing wounds.

6.    Sara Ali Khan’s Almond Paste Mask

Sara Ali Khan is often compared to her mother Amrita Singh, who admits to having learned quite a few beauty tricks from her. Sara’s rejuvenating, healthy, and luminous skin is due to her use of almond paste as a face pack. You could also grind soaked almonds and add one tbsp of milk to it. Apply the product to your face and wash it off after it gets dry.

7.    Yami Gautam Rice Powder

The biggest beauty brands have often been represented by Uri actress Yami Gautam. Despite her endorsement of numerous beauty brands, Yami is a passionate advocate for a face scrub made from rice powder. The rice powder acts as an excellent exfoliator to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Combine rice powder and honey and use it as a scrub to remove the dead skin cells from your skin.

8.    Parineti Chopra

Bollywood actress Parineeti’s beauty secret is about keeping things simple. Parineeti disapproves of costly spa services. She only needs a warm shower to relax. She holds the belief that a restful night’s sleep can remedy any issues. She believes that excessive cosmetic use can harm the skin. As a result, she is using less makeup. She only requires lip balm when she goes outside. She carries only one item in her purse. Treat and protect your lips with Minimalist products. It is a well-known Indian skincare brand that has won the hearts of beauty enthusiasts by providing a selection of genuine and reasonably priced beauty products. Furthermore, you can also use Minimalist Coupon Codes to get discounts on your products. So hurry up and reflect on your overall skin wellness with these products.

9.    Shilpa Shetty No Soap Formula

Shilpa Shetty is not only famous for maintaining her body, but also for her skin. She shares her secrets on how she avoids switching brands and sticks to basic products. She refrains from using soap as its pH level does not align with the delicate skin of our face. Rather, a mild face wash suffices for her.

10.                    Hema Malini Dance & Yoga

Indian actress Hema Malini believes in the power of positive inner energy and how it affects the skin. She says that negative thoughts make our minds more open to change.  When our bodies have positive energy, we feel happy. Every positive emotion we feel inside is reflected outside, giving us a healthy glow. Being positive makes us look even more beautiful. Hema keeps her outlook upbeat with dance and yoga.


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